Ocular Coherence Tomography

Have you heard of an Optical Coherence Tomography (3D OCT scan) ?
This is the latest innovation we have introduced to Eye2eye Opticians. It allows us to look and digitally measure thesurface and the layers of your retina and blood vessels within the eye. 3D OCT screening diagnoses potentially serious conditions that can affect your eyesight, as well as allowing baseline measurements of your eye to be taken should any changes in your eyes occur. Changes in your personal healthand lifestyle have a major part in how your eyes and vision are affected. If there are digital records, photos andmeasurements from the onset, it is a major advantage todiagnosing any issues, getting treatment earlier and possibly saving your sight.

It is also very important that certain eye conditions which are caused by diabetes, glaucoma, blood pressure, age related macula disease and many others, are picked up early and action is taken immediately, as once the damage is done, it is usually irreversible. We advise that screening should be done on a regular basis and that having digital records and measurements year on year could allow us to identify andreduce the risks of any damage. Even factors such smoking and alcohol are known to contribute to harming the eyes in many ways.

This is a major investment we have made in our practice in order to safeguard our customers and the public and ensuresthat we are able to offer the very best in eye care for all the family. So far we have diagnosed various different eye conditions which would have only been detected via a referral from a GP to a Hospital and only if the hospitals choose to do the test. We must stress this is not a standard test that hospitals are able to do and they would only do this scan inextreme cases only, so why not let us do this for you.

Your eyesight is the window to your world and so we can’t emphasise enough that people really do need to take care of their precious eyes and have checkups at their opticians on a regular basis. Our ethos is “prevention is better than cure”.

Ask Eye 2 Eye Opticians today for a 3D OCT scan and retinal photo and see beneath the surface of “YOUR” camera.