Myopia Control for Children

Myopia Control for Children

Let’s Take Control of Myopia

Today, we want to address a growing concern among parents: myopia, also known as shortsightedness, in children.

Myopia has been on the rise in recent years, affecting children at younger ages and progressing rapidly. We understand the worries and challenges that come with managing your child’s changing prescription, and we are here to help. Our dedicated team of highly experienced optometrists is pleased to offer effective myopia control solutions that can make a real difference in your child’s vision and long-term eye health.

We are proud to offer a range of advanced treatments designed to slow down the progression of myopia in children. Our options include:

MiSight Lenses – These innovative soft contact lenses are worn during the day and have been clinically proven to reduce myopia progression. They provide clear vision while actively working to slow down the prescription changes.

Ortho K (Orthokeratology) – This non-surgical option involves using specially designed rigid contact lenses overnight, gently reshaping the cornea to correct myopia. Your child will enjoy clear vision throughout the day without the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses.

EyeDream Lenses – EyeDream is a specially designed contact lens that is worn during sleep, allowing your child to enjoy clear vision throughout the day without the hassle of glasses or daytime lenses. EyeDream lenses gently reshape the cornea while your child sleeps, temporarily correcting their myopia.

Stellest Lenses – Stellest lenses are an exciting new addition to our myopia control options. These lenses utilise advanced technology to correct and manage myopia while providing enhanced peripheral vision. Stellest lenses have shown promising results in reducing the progression of myopia in clinical trials.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer for a Free Consultation, where our experienced optometrists can assess your child’s vision and discuss the most suitable myopia control options. This consultation will allow us to answer any questions you may have and provide personalised recommendations based on your child’s needs.

We kindly ask you to share this opportunity with friends and family who have children experiencing continuously changing prescriptions. By helping us spread the word, you will be assisting other parents in taking proactive measures to address their child’s myopia.

To schedule a free consultation or learn more about our myopia control solutions, please contact our friendly team at 020 3925 3925 or reply to this email. We offer flexible appointment timings to accommodate your busy schedules.

Together, let’s take control of myopia and secure a clearer future for your little ones.

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