Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome, formally known as Keratitis Sicca, is due to the lack of lubrication and moisture on the external of the eye. It commonly occurs when the eyes do produce enough tears or that they evaporate too quickly. Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include red itchy eyes, sore dry sensation and erratic blurred vision, all of which affect both eyes. Dry eyes can transpire with age, those who wear contact lenses, hot or windy climates, hormonal changes and certain medications and/or medical treatments.

Treating dry eye syndrome

To treat dry eyes, ocular lubricants (eye drops) and sometimes surgery are used, depending on how fast the tears are draining away. Here at Eye 2 Eye, we offer Ophthalmic products to relieve symptoms of dry eyes, whilst our optometrists give useful advice on how to avoid symptoms such as avoiding air conditioned environments and taking regular breaks when using digital screens for a long amount of time. Research shows that taking omega-3 supplements and stopping smoking may also reduce dry eye syndrome.